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Problems finding property usages in EPi7 WebForms

In EPiServer 7 Web Forms project I wanted to find all usages of a regular property. But I failed – „Usages of ‚RightContentArea ‚ were not found.”. (I am using Resharper for that.) It is very clear that when you reference PropertyName by string… Continue Reading „Problems finding property usages in EPi7 WebForms”

Empty ContentArea, avoid null

ContentArea when empty (no blocks dragged) returns null in code. It’s fine when you use EPiServer standard code for handling ContentArea rendering: When it breaks But the problem exists when you try to touch it from code or Extensions as a solutions I use… Continue Reading „Empty ContentArea, avoid null”

MVC vs Web Forms in EPiServer 7

You have a choice which one to use when you are building an EPiServer 7 website. IMHO this option is only to give developers familiar with Web Forms, some time to jump to MVC. Like there was Visual Basic .NET together with C#, and… Continue Reading „MVC vs Web Forms in EPiServer 7”

All the small things (thoughts about constraints in EpiServer development)

The small things, the ones that take really not much time when implemented right at first opportunity (not delaying until … never). And how they will save a lot of project time down the road, for you developer and for other team members. List… Continue Reading „All the small things (thoughts about constraints in EpiServer development)”

Custom ContentArea without wrapper tags

The default ContentArea rendering will generate something similar to: This is completly fine in most cases, but sometimes you have markup that you need total control of rendering. No wrapping tags I had such a situation. I used it for a slider, where you… Continue Reading „Custom ContentArea without wrapper tags”

Resharper templates for Block and PageData

I always feel wrong when I need to do the most basic thing in Episerver development – adding a new page type. First options was to use „Add New Item…” dialog and make use of EPiServer CMS Visual Studio Extension. After that step I… Continue Reading „Resharper templates for Block and PageData”

Unordered list by ContentArea

Fast example how to make ContentArea rendered as unordered list from blocks in EpiServer 7 MVC. Starting markup: That is very easy to achieve using CustomTag, CssClass, ChildrenCustomTagName, ChildrenCssClass: Block markup: Like you can guess, resulting markup is the same.

EPiServer 7 example properties

Welcome EPiServer This is my first post about EPiServer 7. For those who are not familiar, its a CMS and we are using it at Making Waves. If you are not using it at work, this and other posts about this technology probably won’t… Continue Reading „EPiServer 7 example properties”