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Problems finding property usages in EPi7 WebForms

In EPiServer 7 Web Forms project I wanted to find all usages of a regular property. But I failed – „Usages of ‚RightContentArea ‚ were not found.”. (I am using Resharper for that.) It is very clear that when you reference PropertyName by string… Continue Reading „Problems finding property usages in EPi7 WebForms”

MVC vs Web Forms in EPiServer 7

You have a choice which one to use when you are building an EPiServer 7 website. IMHO this option is only to give developers familiar with Web Forms, some time to jump to MVC. Like there was Visual Basic .NET together with C#, and… Continue Reading „MVC vs Web Forms in EPiServer 7”

ICreatingInterceptor concept

Provided with all materials about Attaching to global event EpiServer, I would build (and I did couple times) code like this: This approach has one big problem – you deal with page far away from where it’s defined, you do it in global module.… Continue Reading „ICreatingInterceptor concept”

EPiServer 7 example properties

Welcome EPiServer This is my first post about EPiServer 7. For those who are not familiar, its a CMS and we are using it at Making Waves. If you are not using it at work, this and other posts about this technology probably won’t… Continue Reading „EPiServer 7 example properties”